Sunday, 24 April 2016

Fibre Arts...Over for another year.

Lino printing
Foam printing

 We have explored polystyrene printing, layered cardboard printing, rubber printing, lino printing, foam printing and screen printing.

Screen printing
Screen over lino printing

Screen with cutout ready to print.

Close up of the masking tape 
We made our own small screens for screen printing. So easy, it would work with kids I think. We cut a rectangle in the middle of a piece of foam board. We wrapped it completely with duct tape. We surrounded the hole with double sided tape, which we stuck net curtain to. Stretching it as much as it could take. We secured it with more duct tape. We put a line of masking tape around the net, overlapping the hole. We used bank cards as squeegees. Done.

A few dollops of this in a jar
And a few drops of this.

A few results
Example of screen printing over leaves and ghost prints.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Fibre Arts Day 3

I have internet access but it is quite slow and our days making art are long, leaving very little time to post.

I am a day behind as photos aren't downloading

Above is the dense rubber printing
block, repeated and rotated across the fabric. Below is a rotation of the same block.

The bee / wasp is lino with the sides cut away. He is printed onto another ivy print.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fibre Arts Day 2Whanganui Fibre

We have made several different types of printing blocks already. The blocks above are the negative and positive of a seed pod. It is thin foam, cut and stuck onto heavy card that has shellac on it to stop it from being water damaged.

This print is also made using thin foam but instead of sticking it to prepared heavy card...we'd run out, it is stuck to corrugated plastic. (Estate agent sign)

We have cut a block using board that can be cut into and layers can be peeled away (top right of the picture above) It creates a negative relief. This needs shellac, two coats, as it will be directly exposed to the fabric paint.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Fibre Arts Week

Fibre Arts week has begun. It's awesome. We spent day one drawing, turning our drawings into designs, creating a repeat of it and printing it onto fabric. More to come.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Baby Frank

I went to buy merino fabric for this little nighty, but the colours were very old. Browns, greys and blacks. Nothing suitable for a wee baby. So it was back to the second hand clothing store. I found an adult merino wrap, so was able to cut it up and make this little garment. I have embroidered a little F on the back so It will be put on the right way round.