Friday, 29 January 2016

Sewing up a storm

I've merrily been avoiding doing the hard stuff, painting. I have made four dresses/tops and two bottoms. Not to mention the alterations I've made to second hand finds.

Best effort being the latest addition, the dress with the border. I made it during the time it takes James to mow the lawn.

Sewing is not always the best way to add clothes to my wardrobe. It is like going into a store, choosing something you think will look good on you, then buying it without trying it on. I have ideas, sew them up, then realise it's really not for me.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I want to be prepared for the fibre arts week I have booked in for. I am underway with an exploration of figs, fig trees, and anything figgy. I have started two little paintings. The forms are in place. 

I plan woodcuts, collages, watercolour paintings and larger oil paintings. With this exploration under my belt, I feel I will be prepared to launch into the printmaking on fabric on offer at the course, with confidence.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Warm Feet

We travel to and from Hawkes Bay a lot and it can be very tedious. Especially in the passenger seat so I've taken to knitting as we drive. My favourite project has been slippers because they are easy, quick and generally enjoyed by recipients.

I can usually knit a slipper a trip. Therefore done and dusted in a return trip.
I have probably made dozens of these. I choose natural untreated wool so I can wash them several times so they will felt up.
I have a basket of them at the door so guests can use them on our concrete floor in the Winter.
I found a basic pattern here and I have mucked about with it depending on the amount of wool I have etc.
I have also used this pattern. House slippers.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Art Dolls

The art dolls on my header are the result of the Whanganui Fibre arts week I attended last year.
 The class was taken by Samantha Bryan who was so inspiring. Hence the flow on below. Also the armature classes I took at school.

Details on how and why I made the knitting nanas is explained in a post here.

I will be attending the Whanganui Fibre Arts week in April this year also. The focus is printmaking on fabric. Susan Mathews will be hosting us.

Pearl has a little cardy that I knitted on kebab sticks as I didn't have knitting needles on the course. Her buttons are tiny beads, as is her string of pearls. Their knitting needles are coloured wire with a bead glued to the end. Their hair is natural sheep fleece. The couch is polystyrene, covered with fabric.